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Urban Dictionary: Soccer Mom

A white middle or upper-middle class woman in her mid-20's to mid-40's with the following characteristics: 1. Her children usually have names like Zachary, Tyler, Kaitlin, Hannah, Hailey, or Dylan 2.

Urban Dictionary: soccer

The world's most popular sport. An old British nickname for Football,NOT an American one.It comes from the phrase Association Football.It was shortened to Assoc.,and then finally "Soccer".(like how the nickname for Rugby Football is "Rugger".)The word is used in:Australia,United States,Canada,New Zealand,and South Africa.

Urban Dictionary: Soccer player

Soccer player. a kid with brown hair and brown eyes that is going to be a professional soccer player. he never gives up and keeps on fighting. Italy is his city and mexico is his country. {man }in the crowd "wow that soccer player sure seems good" { man sitting next to him} " yea hes going to play professional one day".

Urban Dictionary: pbs kids

The Soccer Mom's version of Cartoon Network, the Disney Channel, or Nickelodeon. EVERY show on it has to be "educational", and unfortunately not usually in an enjoyable way.

Urban Dictionary: Youtube Kids

An app some soccer mom's attempt to make their child watch kid friendly videos, AKA some shit nobody even enjoys. Elsagate mostly appears on here.

Urban Dictionary: Fortnite kid

A fortnite kid is someone who has severe brain damage. They talk shit even though they are not good at the game they play, they then proceed to ruin other games and shows.

Urban Dictionary, October 12: cilf

Cartoon I'd like to fuck. phrase used in Ireland to describe a slippery customer, a rogue, a charlatan, someone who seems upstanding or innocent and mild but who never misses an opportunity to screw you over, scam you, rip you off or hide their farcical f**k ups, blame everyone else for the s**t they cause and generally lure you into their Machiavellian trap... unsurprisingly generally applied ...

Urban Dictionary: ankle-biter

A little kid; a rug rat. Someone that feels the need to overcompensate in any way,for any kinda shortcoming; ala small,loud barking dogs that bite your ankles to show you their workin' wit' sumthin'..

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